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Internship Students Create Systems After Briefing

On the first day of the internship, students hold a briefing session to understand the needs of the system they will develop. With mentor guidance, they design a blueprint and plan effective implementation steps

Evaluation of projects that have been created by students in the city of Malang

This evaluation was carried out by Mr. Agus as the Internship Student Supervisor at PT Fratama Kencana Gemilang in Malang City to see the progress of the projects carried out by the students.

Widyagama Malang Student Internship at PT Fratama Kencana Gemilang

A total of 3 students from Widyagama University Malang are currently undergoing an internship program at PT Fratama Kencana Gemilang, gaining valuable experience in industries relevant to their studies

Farewell activity with Mr. April as owner of PT Fratama Kencana Gemilang

Widayagama University students have completed an internship at PT Fratama Kencana Gemilang for one month, this has been a valuable experience for them